Monday, July 21, 2014

Short Takes

In a recent article for CNN, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, author of BREAKING GROUND, points out the disparities in healthcare, following the U.S. News and Report's latest "best hospitals in the country" rankings.

In the May 2014 issue of CHOICE, our director Lisa Bayer is featured with five other university press directors addressing the relationship between university presses and libraries.

"STUDY IN PERFECT [by Sarah Gorham] is a well-curated essay collection that examines the breadth and depth of the ideal of perfection. . . . Every detail has been attended to, from the project level to the sentence level. The cover is serene and appealing; it echoes perfectly the calm, reflective tone of the book."—ForeWord Reviews

Tyson Pugh's TRUMAN CAPOTE is a "must for anyone interested in seeing the connections between film adaptations and quintessential Capote literature," according to Library Journal.

PopMatters calls CORNBREAD NATION 7 "a splendid collection of tales of Southerners traveling abroad and children of immigrants living in the South and reflecting on their heritage."

Check out Atlas Obscura for a Q&A with Kate Sweeney about her book AMERICAN AFTERLIFE.

Coming this fall is the new book, CONFEDERATE ODYSSEY. The book is a companion to the Atlanta History Center exhibit, The Confederate Odyssey: The George W. Wray Jr. Civil War Collection, which opened Friday, July 18. The Civil War Picket blog and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (subscription required) has more on the collection, exhibit, and book.
UGA Press acquisitions editor Pat Allen, Atlanta History Center Executive Vice President Michael Rosen, Atlanta History Center curator and CONFEDERATE ODYSSEY author Gordon L. Jones, Atlanta History Center President and CEO Sheffield Hale

Monday, July 14, 2014

Short Takes

Congratulations to our friends at Telfair Museums! Their "Slavery and Freedom in Savannah" project, a multi-year project encompassing the SLAVERY AND FREEDOM IN SAVANNAH book, museum exhibition, three-day symposium, and multiple community partnerships, was recognized with the Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). The exhibition is currently on display at the Jepson Center (through August 31), and the book, SLAVERY AND FREEDOM IN SAVANNAH, is available from your local or online bookseller.

Publishers Weekly reviews Tison Pugh's TRUMAN CAPOTE:
With thick paragraphs on every page, each chapter is its own academic essay, with enough content to be stretched into a full collegiate course. This makes for dense reading but also opens many avenues of film and literature to explore as well. It's a hefty book yet rich with insight into Capote's literary and cinematic achievements.

When asked what Southern lit has G.J. Ford Bookshop (St. Simons Island, GA) excited, owner Mary Jane Reed recommends ISLAND TIME. "It was our best selling book last year and will probably be our best seller this year."
James Taylor interviewed Kate Sweeney about her book, AMERICAN AFTERLIFE, for his program, "Writers-in-Focus." The interview has not yet aired, but a list of all previously-aired programs is available here.
"Writers-in-Focus" interviewer James Taylor with Kate Sweeney
Photo courtesy of James Taylor
The Journal of Southern History offers a positive review of David L. Holmes' THE FAITHS OF THE POSTWAR PRESIDENTS in its May issue. "[Holmes] has a well-honed eye for colorful details and telling anecdotes that make the book a pleasure to read. . . . Such material would animate any undergraduate lecture and will keep all readers tuming the pages."

On June 30, UGA Press director Lisa Bayer and acquisitions editor Pat Allen accepted the Malcolm Bell, Jr., and Muriel Barrow Bell Award from the Georgia Historical Society. Glenn T. Eskew's JOHNNY MERCER and Paul M. Pressly's ON THE RIM OF THE CARIBBEAN tied for the award this year.

Paul M. Pressly, author of ON THE RIM OF THE CARIBBEAN
with the press's Malcolm Bell, Jr., and Muriel Barrow Bell Award
Congratulations to Jonathan Addleton! He has been selected for the 2014 Christian Herter Constructive Dissent Award, given for "intellectual courage, initiative and integrity." The award is given by the American Foreign Service Association for constructive dissent by Foreign Service members. Addleton is the author of SOME FAR AND DISTANT PLACE.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer author events to remember

While the the summer is a quiet time for most of us, there are still a few author events this summer we're excited about. So get out your calendars and mark these down. 

June 21 @ 2pm 

Jeffrey Leak, author of Visible Man 

Talk and signing at Park Road Books, Park Road, Charlotte, NC

June 24 @ 7pm 

Kate Sweeney, author of American Afterlife

Talk and signing at Malaprop’s Bookstore/CafĂ©, Haywood Street, Asheville, NC

July 15 @ 7pm 

Maurice C. Daniels, author of Saving the Soul of Georgia 

Talk and signing at First Iconium Baptist Church, Moreland Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA

Part of the B*ATL Battle of Atlanta commemoration—event details here 

August 20 @ 7pm 

Dr. Louis W. Sullivan author of Breaking Ground

Talk and signing at Bunch of Grapes Bookstore, Main Street, Vineyard Haven, MA

A special note about UGA Press at the Decatur Book Festival, August 30-31. We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, Kate Sweeney, and Glenn T. Eskew (Johnny Mercer) will all be featured speakers at this year's festival. Times, dates, and stage locations to be announced. 

Grab a Paddle: Exploring with the CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER USER'S GUIDE

Running almost the full length of the state of Georgia, the Chattahoochee River is not only the longest river in Georgia, but as Joe Cook puts it, Georgia's "most important, most celebrated, and most fought over body of water." Though the Chattahoochee provides much of Georgia with water, energy, and sanitation, it provides beauty, peace, and activities to all who choose to visit its waters. It begins as a trickle in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, and quickly grows, traveling south past Atlanta and following the Georgia-Alabama state line all the way to the Florida border.

Shoals Near White Creek, White County. Photo by Joe Cook.
From The Chattahoochee River User's Guide, 2014.
The Chattahoochee River is not only known for its natural majesty, but also its diverse wildlife. In the Georgia River Network Guidebooks, the CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER USER'S GUIDE explains just how vast its biodiversity is:
[I]t gives life to an incredible variety of aquatic animals, including 104 fish species, 24 species of aquatic turtles, 37 species of salamanders and sirens, about 30 species of frogs and toads, and, historically, as many as 45 species of freshwater mussels (Cook 2).
Along with information of the Chattahoochee's many plants and animals, the waterproof CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER USER'S GUIDE follows the river mile by mile, giving travelers a riverside tour guide on their voyage down the river's winding path. This excerpt from the book describes a mile near Alaga, AL:
MILE 403.3 (31.083554, -85.025357) Kirkland Creek. A 0.2-mile journey up this tributary on river left leads you to a beautiful "blue hole"—a spring issuing forth clear, cold water from the Upper Floridan aquifer. This vast underground "lake" provides much of the irrigation water used for agriculture in southwest Georgia, the bread basket of the state. Excessive pumping from this aquifer that feeds south Georgia waterways, especially the Flint River to the east, threatens adequate flows and endangered species—and has exacerbated water conflicts with Florida.
Blue Hole at Kirkland County Creek, Early County. Photo by Joe Cook.
From The Chattahoochee River User's Guide, 2014.